Between Travels

Even the Travel Blythe Clan cannot always travel. Here are a few snapshots of the girls spending some quality time at home...

Café and Mondra enjoy a lazy afternoon on the patio.

Skater Goldie. I made her outfit from patterns from the Blythe Yahoo group.

Take A Doll To Work Day:

Okay... since our editorial office was at our home, basically every day was "take a doll to work day", but here´s a few pictures of Blythe girls taking over the MangasZene office way back in 2002...

Goldie: Aaah, it´s so exhausting seeing you guys work. Can somebody get me a drink?


Café: "Care for a cup of... coffee?"

When the latest shipment of Anime House catalogs arrived, we left them upstairs at first because we needed to reorganize the storage area in the basement before adding new stuff. Somehow while we were carrying the cases inside, the idea came up to build a castle in the living room. So we did - complete with two towers. KB is ready to take up the defense!

Goldie worked off some excess energy by helping us take down a wall when refurbishing the bathroom. We would have been grateful if she hadn´t done it all the while singing:

"Lizzie Burden with an axe gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one."  We did not sleep that night.

Kozy mugged a Pippi Longstocking doll in order to cosplay.

Kozy: "Look, I can even lift a horse!"