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Cologne: EL-DE-Haus and Gestapo prison

In April 2010, we visited the EL DE Haus - named after the initials of its former owner, a merchant who was forced to leave the building to the Gestapo (Geheime Staatspolizei, the Nazi secret police) who made its headquarters here.

Stairs leading down to the prison.

Gestapo prison: Staff Tract

At least, they didn´t have it too nice either.


Gestapo prison: Bunker

The bunker below the prison was not merely used for protection in case of air raids. It was also a place where prisoners were interrogated, i.e. brutally tortured, because down there, passers-by on the street couldn´t hear them screaming like they could at first, when interrogations took place in the cell tract.

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