A Few Fashion Doll Favorites

Eventually, I am planning to add separate pages for my fashion doll pictures, but in the meantime, here are a few favorites...

Death of the Endless





Barbie as Rose DeWitt Bukater from "Titanic".


Reina - Robert Tonner´s Antoinette

Hello Kitty Barbie spends a day at the beach

The Tiki Bar

Aloha - and welcome to our bar!


Would you like to enjoy a cocktail before dinner?

A rich buffet is waiting for you...

... ah... I don´t know what to select...

...and there´s  live entertainment by our beautiful dancers...




The Flea Market

   CED Dolls

Robert Tonner:  Tyler Wentworth and Friends

Very Audrey!

Very Trent! (Reznor, not Osborne)


I'm too sexy for a shirt...




Camilla Chase, famous opera singer, in The Valkyrie

Miss Madeline Bassett  "The Stars shine in God's daisy chain..."

Mei Li looks so like a Bond girl in this dress!

Brigitte Bardot: La Sirene de St Tropez

Count Lenore

A bit Betty...

Effanbee Brenda Starr

Tiny Kitty Collier



Madame Alexander: Alexandra Fairchild Ford and friends


Kotalin Bizelle

Disco Girls/World of Love

Gene Marshall

Fashion Royalty

Integrity Toys




Jenny and Friends



Barbie - Modern Collectibles




Barbie - Silkstone and Vintage Reproductions

Barbie - Mod

Contemporary Playline Barbie



Glamour Dolls

Disney Dolls