Hideki in Erlangen

Hideki is a student, hoping to get a break as a comic artist. So - like hundreds of others with the same dream - she decided to attend the Comicsalon in Erlangen. She hitched a ride with friends who were planning on doing the same and were staying at the same hotel... an inexpensive place on the outskirts of town.

Hideki: "It was a long day... *yawn*... I wonder what tomorrow brings... I hope I´ll sell some magazines..."


Hideki´s booth was set up quickly and soon she was caught up in the bustle of the Comicsalon.

Hideki: "Come on, customers... come on...don´t look there... look here..."

Guy in white: "Oooh, what´s this? `Rabu Rabu`? Looks interesting..."

Hideki: "Thank you! It´s a Dragonball doujinshi featuring the fans´ favourite pairings in some romantic and some funny episodes..."

Hideki: "See? - I don´t do only doujinshi, but this is my most recent work..."

"Sign one for you? Sure!"

Hideki: "A sketch, too? Why, of course I´ll do one for you!"


*even more happy when another few people ask for a sketch and buy an issue*

In the lunchtime period, there were fewer visitors which gave Hideki the opportunity to get a sandwich from the snack booth and take a bite.

And on the way back from the snack booth, she passed a booth where one of her own favourite artists was signing his latest album! Bliss! (She also got an extra copy signed for a friend.)

... later in the day... it got even more quiet..

Hideki: "Uuuuah... there hasn´t been anyone coming by for at least half an hour... when does the hall close today...?"

Hideki: "Can´t survive a convention without COFFEE!!!"

After the Comicsalon had closed for the day, Hideki celebrated the successful first day with an ice cream.

Hideki: "At least I´ve sold enough copies to be able to afford a cone with 3 balls... yum..."

Hideki: "You know... you don´t get rich in the comic business, but at least you are doing something you love and can share it with others who love it too. Sometimes life is just SO GOOD!!!"


While nothing really exciting is happening, this picfic describes pretty well what it´s like to have a booth at an event. There are more pictures of Erlangen and the Comicsalon in the Travel Blythe section.

Hideki´s doujinshi is an actual doll-sized magazine that I compiled using doujinshi and fan art that was published in Mangaszene magazine. The cover image was drawn by Cornelia Brodtbeck. I wish I could draw half as well.


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