Puchi Palace

Puchi is the Japanese phonetic spelling of "petite" - as in "Petite Blythe". I think it sounds cute :-).  This is the realm of my Minis - Petite Blythe, Mini Pullip, Mame Momoko and similar size dolls...

Helga´s 1/12 scale dolls´ houses

My mother collects and builds 1/12th scale dolls´ houses which are a dream to take pictures of minis in.

The Mansion

This was Helga´s first dolls´ house project. She was given the Minimundus kits for her birthday. The house and pretty much all the furniture in this place are handmade.

Alice: "Come on in, then. I´ll give you a guided tour. Let´s start with the kitchen."

Alice: "Hey ... what´s this?!"

Alice: "Oh my! Kitty has spilt the milk!"

Alice: "Please have some tea in the Blue Parlor while I get the kitchen cleaned up...!"

Alice: "The fondue? We´ll have that later."

Marmalade Heart: "Ooooooooo..."

Alice: "Go on, tuck in before Marmalade has gobbled it all up!"

Marmalade: "You meanie! I don´t eat that much at all!"

Alice: "Yes you do, and don´t always stand on the chairs with your shoes on! - Come on, you can help me showing these folks around."

Marmalade: "Mmmhm... okay...."

Marmalade: "Better than wiping up the kitchen, anyway..."

Marmalade: "Let´s show them the Biedermeier salon next."

Alice reading out from a history book:

"Biedermeier is a period in European art, history and interior design in the period between 1815 (Congress of Vienna and end of the Napoleonic Wars) and 1848 (year of a revolutionary wave in Europe). In interior design, it is a simplified interpretation of French Empire styles, simple but elegant and cozy. Generally speaking, Biedermeier can be identified with two trends in early nineteenth-century German history:

The first trend is growing urbanization and industrialization leading to a new urban middle class, and with it a new kind of audience for arts and literature.
The second trend is the growing political oppression following the end of the Napoleonic Wars which prompted people to concentrate on the domestic and (at least in public) the non-political. Due to the strict publication rules and censorship, writers primarily concerned themselves with non-political subjects, like historical fiction and country life. Political discussion was usually confined to the home, in the presence of close friends. This atmosphere changed by the time of the revolutions in Europe in 1848."

Alice: "That was an excerpt from the book on European history I am currently writing... " 

Marmalade: "Funny how I read the same stuff on Wikipedia... - Uiiiiii! More cake!"

Marmalade: "I get the cake and I forget that your `book´ is lifted from Wikipedia. Deal?"

Alice: "Forget it. Quoting is fair game in literature. Anyways, let´s go on... there´s more to see... "

Alice: "Now we are entering the study. Ah, there´s Noir."

Noir: "Hiya. I was just finishing some research..."

Noir: "Care to join me for a party of chess in the Smoking Room?"


Noir: "EXCUSE ME!!!!!"

Noir: "Can´t a girl have a little privacy in the bathroom???"

Alice: "This is the master bedroom... currently its master is the cat..."

Noir: "A quiet space to write some personal letters..."

Noir: "I think my hair could do with a bit of brushing... "

Marmalade: "And this is my favorite: The nursery. All those wonderful toys!!"

Alice: "Up here in the attic, we have the laundry and sewing room... time to do a little work... I guess..."

Marmalade tries to sneak outside...

Marmalade: "You do the ironing, I'll keep on showing our visitors around."

Marmalade: "The other attic room is home to our artists' studio. It's got lovely light for painting..."

Noir: "How long do I have to keep sitting still...?"

Marmalade: "Hold on, it doesn't look remotely like you yet..."

Marmalade: "We can take pictures, too!"

Noir: "This is the maidservant's room. And now we're coming to the nicest bit..."

Noir: "There's a PHARMACY on the ground floor!! A neverending supply of ingredients for my... experiments..."

Noir *hums): "A is for Arsenic, B is for Bloodroot..."

Noir: "The other ground floor apartment is taken up by a pub. We've spent many a fun night there!"

The Colonial Bedroom

This was a rrombox kit for a bedroom in New England Colonial style (late 18th century).

Noir: "What?! You want ME to babysit? Alright... alright..."

Noir: "I even know one lullaby... it was on my Die Aerzte CD... lalala...

Sleep, my little one, sweet dreams,
Soon you'll be in paradise! 

Cause very soon the door will open,
And a monster comes to you!
It looks at you with its eleven eyes,
And sneaks up to your bed..."



Noir *giggles* "And to think I´m even getting paid for this..."

One pill makes you larger, the other makes you small...

Marmalade and (cant really say "in") the 1/48th scale room, also made from a kit.

The Christmas House

We found this house kit on holiday in California in 2001 and brought it back as a Christmas present. Helga made it up as a Christmas house.

Alice: "Hello. May I help you?"

The larger one of the two main rooms is a Christmas store.

The smaller one is a cozy sitting room.

Upstairs, there is a bathroom...

... and a bedroom.

The Tudor House

Helga found this kit on holiday in England. This time, the furniture is readymade.

Working on the next project!

The Asian Parlor

I found this set of furniture in a store when visiting a friend in Kirchheim/Teck. I´ve never seen this anywhere again! I was already in love with 1/12th scale dolls´ houses at the time, so I had to buy it and set up this room in one of my shelves.

Petites here, there and everywhere...

Noir visits the Limes

Petite Groovy Groove loves gardening

Piyo Piyo shopping in Groovy´s store...

Cosmo a Go Go