Phantasialand Bruehl                           

One of the oldest theme parks in Germany, founded in 1967. Since it´s almost at our doorstep, we´ve spent quite a few lovely days there already.                                                    One time, we took a Travel Blythe - this time, Kozy got to go.

When you enter Phantasialand by the main entrance (there are several side entrances) the first thing you see is the theme park´s version of Disneyland´s Main Street U.S.A.: A street in Old Berlin. You even get a replica of the Brandenburg Gate!

Kozy: "Briefkasten? I´m a natural. I don´t need briefing."

Phantasialand´s Chinatown is the largest ensemble of Chinese constructions outside China. The park founders have been awarded with a Chinese Culture Prize for it.

Right next to Chinatown (...well, pretty much everything there is right next to each other...) is the Haunted Castle with a freefall tower.

Silver City - the Western Town

Kozy has made a friend... I think she´s just scheming how to get at his bag, though...

The Wild Water Ride, one of the first of its kind in Germany.

Gold Digger´s Camp. You can actually spend the night there in a tent.

Phantasialand´s Mexico

The "Walzertraum" (Dreamy Waltz) ride is a good place to chill out.

One of the park´s mascots, called "the Phanties". Pretty much nondescript characters, some of which are used as logos for particular rides.

Along the Fairy Tale Walk round the lake, there are puppet displays showing scenes from various fairy tales. This is the oldest part of the park. The founders used to be puppeteers and wanted to make the puppets that were no longer in use accessible to an audience after all. Currently (2008) this part is being refurbished and modernized, though. I don´t know if the puppets will still be there next time we visit.

Kozy taking a break by the lakeside.

The skull rock belongs to the Arabian Nights Gondola Ride right beside the Walzertraum. It was the first dark ride in Germany, and it takes you through a cute fairytale scenery populated with puppets.

One of the newer rides. A wildwater ride through a medieval castle. You´re going to get wet! Very wet!

Festival of Lights

During the summer, Phantasialand closes around 8pm. But for the last few weeks of the season, in October, they are open longer and have beautiful illuminations and a parade that reminds a bit of Disneyland´s Electric Parade in the "Festival of Lights".

(2002, 2004, 2006)


"You want me to go on WHAT ride?!!?"