Burgers Zoo, Arnhem (Netherlands)


Burgers' Zoo in Arnhem is one of the biggest zoos in the Netherlands and probably the most famous one. Arnhem lies within the Veluwe, a nature park in the east of the Netherlands and is only a few hours´ drive from Cologne.

The zoo is famous for presenting many of its animals in simulated habitat in spacious indoors ecosystems. These are beautiful and really worth visiting. The entrance fee to Burgers´ may be higher than in most regular zoos, but these really make it worthwhile.

Burgers' Zoo also has facilities for conservation and captive breeding of animals nearly extinct. The Socorro Dove for example does not exist outside captivity at present; it was wiped out by introduced mammals on its home island. The species is being bred in Burgers' Zoo for eventual reintroduction into the wild.

As you can see, the species of Travel Blythes feels comfortable at Burgers´ as well.

There are 7 theme sites: Burger's Dierenpark (the original zoo), Burger's Safari (a safari park), Burger's Bush (a tropical rainforest), Burger's Mangrove (a mangrove swamp) , Burger's Desert (focussing on the Sonoran Desert), Burger's Ocean (seawater aquariums), and Burger's Avonturenland (Burger's Adventureland).

Burger's Dierenpark

Burger's Bush

Burger's Desert

Rosy: "Howdy pals! If you´re going to get some cactus lemonade, I wouldn´t mind one too!"

Burger's Safari

Burger's Mangrove

Bonus - just because it´s nice: