Legoland Germany

Besides dolls, Lars and I also enjoy Lego and Playmobil. We´d been to Legoland California two years before, so when Legoland Germany opened in Guenzburg, we wanted to check that out as well. 

There are a couple of rides - though they are fairly harmless ones - and, of course, plenty of amazing Lego constructions to look at.  Children will find ample opportunity to play, adults have quite a bit to look at. To be honest - it´s not as impressive as Legoland Denmark which I´d seen as a child and which has the incredible Titania´s Palace dolls house, but Travel Blythe Sunday and we had a nice day nevertheless.

Sunday: "Oops, where am I now?"

Sunday: "EEEEK! HELP!"

Lego Guy: "Hello, I´m conducting some interviews with the visitors of this park. May I ask you a few questions, miss? What do you like or dislike here...?"                                                 Sunday: "TOO MANY FREE RUNNING CRITTERS WITH TEETH!!!"

Going on a little world tour with Legoana Jones.                                                                        Sunday: "That´s a really stupid name, you know..."                                                                          LJ: "Well, it´s what my dad used to call me..."                                                                            Sunday: "Are you sure he wasn´t talking to the dog?"


Sunday: "Ha! Now Rosy isn´t the only one of us who has been to Venice!"

Berne, Switzerland

Sunday: "Ha! Now James Bond isn´t the only one of us who has been to Piz Gloria!"

Geneva, Switzerland

Cochem Castle



Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Zoo, with the Reichstag in the background on the left.


Sunday: "Now that made me thirsty! Gimme!"