Inter Modellbau Dortmund 2007 & 2008

Exhibition for Model Building and Model Sport

Inter Modellbau is a huge annual fair for all things model building. Whether you like to build model cars, railways, planes, figure kits, 1:12 scale dolls houses, you will find plenty of tools, accessories and kits there, as well as finished models which are not for sale but are tremendously inspiring. You won't manage to attend Inter Modellbau without finding yourself itching to get to work upon your own latest kit.

I don't really care too much for planes, ships or cars and stuff like that but even so, I can see and admire the workmanship that went into these models and exhibits and can gather lots of inspirations for my own projects.

The exhibition is in Westfalenhalle, right next to Westfalen Park, and on the way to and from the parking lot, you pass the Stone Tower (Steinerne Turm).

It was built in the late 14th century as one of several watchtowers which were originally located outside the city walls, both marking and protecting the borders of the city grounds.

It may look otherwise, but our Travel Blythe, Goldie, did not come along only for the munchies...

Goldie: "MINE!!!"

Goldie: "WHAT?!"

 Goldie: "WHAT??!!"

In this display, I just love the realistic water effect the creator has achieved. And all with a bit of green plastic canvas and a few touches of paint!

Or check out the painstaking detail in this model of a Venetian galley.

What fascinates me most about model rainways are the landscapes, the tiny worlds some people set up. 

Some of the exhibitors had such neat ideas of things to build a diorama in.

Just about any historical period was present in model form.

Goldie: "Wheee! Can I have some?"

(... yeah right. Whatever you do: Never - NEVER - give your Blythes access to scale weapons.)

Getting spacey with Moonbase Alpha from Space: 1999 (Gerry Anderson rules!) and two models from the Perry Rhodan series.

This one is not just a simple spacesuit, it's a 1:1 scale model of Apollo 14 commander Alan B. Shepard. Hmmm... I could imagine quite a few people I wouldn't mind having a 1:1 scale model of, either...

Goldie: "Hello! Over here! Look what I found!"

Famous Last Words: "It´s alright! It´s not moving!!!"

(Thanks to Sascha, the really nice owner of that booth, who had enough sense of humour to play along ^-^)

Goldie: "That´s not happening to me again! I need these!! NOW!!!"

1/12th scale fairground attractions

More 1:12th scale goodness from Mini Mundus - all displayed behind glass, so they were not easy to photograph.

Even Playmobil displays were there!

Beressa was a prototype Pullip that was announced for pre-order but was then cancelled because her uniform - officially explained as a Japanese or Korean police dress uniform -  had too much in common with a particular German WWII uniform.  

Normally, Asian toy and model collectors in particular have no problem with this subject, but (as Pulchritudinous on PullipStyle explained it) Jun Planning picked the worst possible time of the year to release her - near the 60th anniversary of the Holocaust, which got people's tongues wagging about a Nazi Pullip. So in the interest of being politically correct, JP replaced Beressa with a variation of the Wa-Loli Pullip Lan (that´s why there are two Lans, Ake and Ai).

This is the original ad for Beressa:

Many Pullip collectors regretted that the "lady spy" was never released, simply because they liked the doll itself. So there are quite a few customized versions about - some with, others without the uniform but none that I know of with a Nazi background.


Inter Modellbau is always held together with a computer fair in the same building which you can enter for free with your IM ticket. Usually, it´s not really worth it as it´s mostly run of the mill computer stuff that you can find anytime, anywhere in your local high street. But this year, it also held an exhibition of the German casemodding championship which had some really awesome custom computer cases and was truly worth seeing. Here are a few impressions:


Rotary Dial Mobile Phone

The guy actually built a modern mobile phone system into an old fashioned telephone.

Goldie: "The first one to make a 'go lick on something your own size' joke gets it!!"

Inter Modellbau Dortmund 2009


Some merchandise and original tableware from the famous Zeppelin on display.

The big models - building machines and tanks, mostly - were on show again.

Burg Eltz

Ruhr area town.

The Battle of Leipzig (1813), known as the Battle of Nations (Völkerschlacht)


It was the largest battle of the Napoleonic Wars, the decisive engagement between the French armies of Napoleon and those of Austria, Prussia, Russia, and Sweden.

Samurai war camp

The Drachenfelsbahn, Koenigswinter, in 1958. The railway had a nasty accident that year, in which 18 people lost their lives as a train derailed.

The Fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989.

Vintage scenes from a small Japanese town.

Get your kicks on Route 66

A small US Western town.

Little Britain

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes...

War elephants in the Middle Ages? That´s what happens when you´ve got two different displays on the same shelf :-)

A tavern in a cask - maybe the Great Cask of Duerkheim or Heidelberg?

I like the look of this coffee booth although we haven´t had coffee there yet.

The Ludolf brothers are four brothers from Dernbach, Westerwald who run a car scrapyard together. They have become reality TV stars and have even made a movie. There´s a comic book out... and now you can build your own Ludolfs scrapyard, complete with miniatures in different scales...